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Mardi 06 Décembre 2022 09:00

A long journey in cardiovascular research: Old friends, new ideas

This scientific symposium is organized to pay tribute to the outstanding scientific contribution of Rodolphe Fischmeister. This symposium will focus on cardiac cellular pathophysiology, gathering some of the leading scientists who inspired his research, as well as his past and present collaborators and friends.


December 6th, 2022 - 9 AM to 5 PM

Session organized by the Laboratory of Signalling and Cardiovascular Pathophysiology (UMR-S 1180)

9h15-9h30      Introduction : Ana-Maria GOMEZ


Chair: Jean-Pierre BENITAH

9h30-9h45     BOUTJDIR Mohamed, Brooklyn, USA:
Inflammatory cytokines and cardiac arrhythmias: the lesson from COVID-19

9h45-10h00   HOVE-MADSEN Leif, Barcelona, Spain:
cAMP signaling in atrial fibrillation

10h00-10h15 SHRIER Alvin, Montreal, Canada:
The path from hERG channels to complex cardiac rhythms

10h15-10h30 MOLINA Cristina, Hamburg, Germany
The Human part in our science

10h30-10h45 GOMEZ Ana-Maria, Orsay, France:
Calcium makes my heart beat


Coffee break


Cyclic nucleotide control in various systems

Chair: Delphine MIKA

11h15-11h30 CONTI Marco, San Francisco, USA:
PDE4 as flexible components shaping cAMP signals

11h30-11h45 CASTRO Liliana, Paris, France:
Dopamine signaling adaptations in Parkinson’s disease

11h45-12h00 SKERBERDIS Arvydas, Kaunas, Lituania:
Phosphorylation of Cx43 by Ca2+/calmodulin kinase II increases the sensitivity of Cx43 gap junction channels to chemical gating

12h00-12h15 MIALET-PEREZ Jeanne, Angers, France:
From serotonin receptors to cardiac aging




Cyclic nucleotide dysregulation in disease

Chair: Jérôme LEROY

13h30-13h45 LEZOUALC’H Franck, Toulouse, France:
Non-classical signaling of cAMP and calcineurin in cardiac remodeling

13h45-14h00   ABI-GERGES Aniella, Beyrouth, Lebanon:
“Fisching” for differential changes affecting cAMP signaling pathway in diabetic cardiomyopathy

14h00-14h15   HIRSCH Emilio, Torino, Italy:
Targeting protein-protein interactions to control cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity and improve obstructive pulmonary diseases

14h15-14h30   LEBLAIS Véronique, Orsay, France:
Exploring PDE function in vascular cells

14h30-14h45   LEVI Renzo, Torino, Italy:
From Virginia Highland to Orsay, through calcium and cGMP


Coffee break


Repairing the heart + miscellaneous

Chair: Renée Ventura-Clapier

15h15-15h30   ROCHAIS Francesca, Marseille, France:
From heart development to cardiac repair and regeneration

15h30-15h45   VINCENT Pierre, Montpellier, France:
From cardiomyocytes to striatal neurons, cAMP imaging reveals various integration schemes

15h45-16h00   ESCHENHAGEN Thomas, Hamburg, Germany:
From cGMP and muscarinic receptors to regenerating the heart, a not so straight story

16h00-16h15   VANDECASTEELE Grégoire, Orsay, France:
Surfin' the cAMP wave

16h15-16h30   HARTZELL H. Criss, Atlanta, USA:
Let’s go fisching together!

16h30-16h45   Conclusion

Fac. de Pharmacie - Université Paris-Saclay Amphi. Hervé Daniel - Henri Moissan 17, avenue des sciences 91400 Orsay
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